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photograph by Charlie Hui of Viswerk

Khensani de Klerk is an architectural researcher, designer and performer from Johannesburg, South Africa. Her efforts are centred centred practicing intersectionality in the architectural industry through research and practice. She considers herself a multidisciplinary artist, finding a language in spatial, written and auditory explorations. She received a Bachelors in Architecture (2017) and a Bachelors of City Planning (Hons) (2019) from The University of Cape Town. She has been a researcher at ETH Zürich at the Chair of Architecture and Urban Design, and locates herself between the UK, Switzerland and South Africa. Khensani is the founder and co-director of Matri-Archi(tecture), an intersectional collective that empowers African women as a network dedicated to African built development and spatial education. She is also an occasional editorial contributor at the Architectural Review in London.  She is currently reading an MPhil in Architecture and Urban Design (RIBA II) at The University of Cambridge with her research focusing on safe space, infrastructure and social provision in hopes of reducing Gender-based violence in Cape Town across urban design, architectural and public policy levels. She is also part of Hunguta collective, having exhibited at the 2019 Oslo Triennale on a project titled Disruptive (de)growth Repository of Southern Ecosystems, addressing the archiving of spatial practices in sub-Saharan Africa as a means of subverting the assumed objectivity of Western Canonical spatial knowledge production. She also explores these intersections through spoken word projects as Khe, bringing to the forefront the emotive presence of spatial knowledge production.  

She is fluent in English; and speaks Xitsonga, Afrikaans and German (CEFR B1).

for information about ongoing work, ideas, and CV requests drop me a mail at: khensanideklerk.work@gmail.com 

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