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Publications, features + contributions


de Klerk, Khensani “Resisting the controlling image”. The Architectural Review: Collage + Old into New, July 2021, pp.74-79 

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2021        Space of Other Talk in Who is We? Multiplicity of Other Netherlands pavilion by Afaina de Jong, conversation, Venice Bienniale,
2020        Italy [online]
2021        Critical Perspectives on Spatial Practice panel [with Dr. Ghazal Jafari and Ana María Durán Calisto]
2020       at LABash Conference, Cornell University, US [online]
2021        Collectivising! presentation in Blueprint for Decolonisation symposium [hosted by the Architecture Foundation and Asian Architects
2020        Association] London, UK [online]
2020        Matri-Archi on alteration, transformation, diversity guest lecture Parity Talks V, ETH Zürich, Switzerland [online]
2020        arquiteturas do sul global: on Research as Practice guest lecture, Escola da Cidade, Brazil [online]
2020       100 Day Studio: Southern Ecosystems guest lecture, The Architecture Foundation, London [online]
2020      100 Day Studio: Dismantling the Master’s House: Bringing Intersectionality to an Architecture School, The Architecture Foundation
2020        London [online]

Features, interviews, contributions

2021         Kontextur Interview: Khensani de Klerk [interview]
2020        Archdaily: Spatial Education and the Future of African Cities: An Interview with Matri-Archi [interview]   

2020        Dezeen: Ten architecture projects by University of Cambridge undergraduate and
                  postgraduate students [project feature]

2020        Beautiful News: meet the architects of freedom [news documentary]
2020        Residency 11:11 by Mmakhotso Lamola [podcast guest]
2019        South African Property Review: The Voice for The Industry [interview]

2018        KunstMuseum Bern: U5 – House Of Sentiments – Part 2: Talking About Space, Collaboration And Process [interview]

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